• The only sales process you’ll ever need In Warrior Selling: The 12 Steps to Achieving a 100% Conversion Rate, sales guru Jason Forrest gives sales professionals the process, mindset, and persuasive language they need to find their inner sales warriorThe author reveals his unique 5-4-3 methodology to help sellers cocreate the highest conversion rate script in their industry and eliminate the inconsistency in their results.
  • The only sales process you’ll ever need In Warrior Selling: The 12 Steps to Achieving a 100% Conversion Rate, sales guru Jason Forrest gives sales professionals the process, mindset, and persuasive language they need to find their inner sales warriorThe author reveals his unique 5-4-3 methodology to help sellers cocreate the highest conversion rate script in their industry and eliminate the inconsistency in their results.
  • New and Revised Edition Even the most successful salespeople need strategies that push them to be better every day, especially in difficult markets. Whether you’re just starting out in your sales career, you’re a seasoned vet in search or more strategies, or a member of the top 1% looking to top-grade your abilities, 40 Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales gives you specific, relevant instruction on how to become the Sales Warrior you were born to be. In his relatable, conversational manner, Jason Forrest serves up his real-world sales wisdom with 40 days of bite-sized lessons, thought-provoking stories, and income-increasing dares. Chart your progress in the journal section and watch your career take off. It’s relevant. It’s practical. It works. Jason dares you to unleash your career and your income with 40 Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales.
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    $1M Revenue Bundle

  • Learn the top 10 reasons why training fails- and what to do about it. More than 70% of training programs fail to produce a positive ROI. Most trainers have great ideas but fall short on strategy and implementation. Discover how you can avoid the most common training pitfalls and achieve real, measurable results with your employees.
  • Now You Can Be Confident in Your Next Hire
  • The Only Sales Assessment That Measures All Known Symptoms Of Sales Reluctance

    Discover 3 Key Areas You'll Master With This Sales Assessment 1. Identify Unknown Barriers Measure all known symptoms of sales producer’s reluctance to making sales calls. This questionnaire identifies imposters that can affect sales activity, and can help you identify if your sales team is struggling with unknown barriers. 2. Unlock Hidden Potential Uncover the hidden potential of your salespeople. With this sales assessment, you'll be able to unlock the sales potential of your team, allowing them to thrive and helping your company to succeed. 3. Find The Right Candidates By using this sales assessment, you'll be able to identify the potential candidates who are best-suited to excel in your organization, helping you to hire the right people for the job. SPQ/FSA Features:
    1. Targeted focus on contact initiation — core competency of selling.
    2. Innovative Dudley-Goodson LERA™ Response Format — no guessing what the candidate meant to say.
    3. True Scale™ assessment construction based on state-of-the art psychometric science.
    4. Measures all 16 known types of sales call reluctance.
    5. Measures 7 call reluctance impostors.
    6. Easy-to-read reports.
    7. Numerous Quality Assurance checks to ensure compliance with instructions.
    8. Results confirmable by direct observation.
    9. Credible science — publisher frequently presents at mainstream psych conventions.
    10. Legal compliance.
    Source:  Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP) Studies repeatedly show a systematic link between lower levels of sales activity and higher levels of sales reluctance. How many sales is your team losing to sales reluctance? Don’t be reluctant!
  • The SPQ/CSI Bundle offers the perfect combination of assessment tools for companies who want to improve their sales hiring and development. The SPQ Assessment is designed to help identify the level of call reluctance a sales representative has to provide the right training and development plan for them. The CSI Assessment is used to accurately predict how your new hire will behave on the job and it determines if an individual’s working styles are aligned with the job requirements and team culture. Together, these assessments provide a comprehensive view of your sales people's make up. The SPQ/CSI Bundle is available for purchase for $300.00. Order today and start improving your sales team's performance!
  • 5/4/3 Factor

    Your sales team is not reaching its full potential because they are using an inconsistent sales process that leads to inconsistency in results. Winging it with every sale costs your business money. You can't keep relying on chance and luck to make your sales goals. Work with us to co-create the highest conversion rate script in your industry. Our accountable behavior change philosophy will help you transform the process, mindset, and language through an ongoing sales training program. Your company's ability to scale profitably is equal to how many Sales Warriors you have following a consistent process. Let's get started today, creating more Sales Warriors for you. The investment of the course is $3,000 and will provide participants with the necessary tools to successfully sell products and services. Learn More
  • Engage

    Fear is the number one thing that holds salespeople back from achieving their goals. Want to experience true fearlessness? Here's where it happens. Our Engage® Course, in partnership with BSRP, will teach your Sales Professionals how to consistently sell through any circumstance. Our program will shine the high beams on scenarios using the SPQ*GOLD®/FSA behavioral sales assessment. They will learn situations where they're reluctant to use their sales process, have a fear of prospect and follow-up, and then they'll write a tailored prescription that will help them overcome those fears. If you are looking for "the course" to increase the number of contacts your team is achieving, then let's sell something together. The investment for the Engage course is $2,500. If you're ready to take your sales career to the next level, sign up today! Learn More
  • FPG's Sales Leadership Mastery 12-Month Program Is Designed To Bring Real Change To Sales Leaders And Deliver Serious Results For Your Organization

    Many sales leaders believe their role is to remove roadblocks out of their team’s way so they can do their jobs more easily.
    We believe the actual role of a sales leader is to serve as a coach and help make their sellers better.
    What Leaders Will Learn
    Our 12-month program focuses on the four key topics sales leaders struggle with most:
    1. Four Stages Of Leadership Sales CoachingThis module will help you create a team of sellers capable of delivering consistently exceptional results.
    2. Five Core Disciplines This critical module focuses on creating an environment where your team WANTS to always do their best for you.
    3. Seven Critical Conversations Difficult but crucial conversations with your sellers will be much easier and more beneficial if you know what to say and how to say it.
    4. Influencing Emotions Our emotions hold incredible power over our behaviors. That’s why the quality of our life is equal to our emotional vocabulary.
    Upon Completion Of The Course, Sales Leaders Will:
    • Master a coaching model that enables sellers to achieve their company's revenue goals.
    • Learn a leadership language that establishes certainty, grit, and self-assurance in the minds of their sales team.
    • Maximize their time through more effective and efficient sales meetings, one-on-ones, huddles, and onboarding.
  • The 4 Stages of Coaching program will help you create a team of Sales Warriors capable of delivering consistently incredible performances! You’ll gain a position of strength with every employee as they gain individual strengths in sales and overall job performance.
  • Times are tough, and the economy is in a downturn. You're worried about your sales. It's hard to stay positive when you're constantly being bombarded with bad news. Everywhere you turn, it seems like someone is talking about the recession and how it's affecting businesses and consumers alike. But don't worry; there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can still sell through a down economy if you know what strategies to use. In this course, we'll teach you 6 strategies that have been proven to work in any market condition. Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll learn how to identify opportunities, build relationships, and close deals even in the toughest of times. Best of all, the course is priced at just $12,000. That's a small price to pay for peace of mind and the ability to keep your sales numbers up even when the economy is down. Learn More So don't wait; sign up today and start selling through the downturn like a pro!
  • Times are changing, and the old ways of selling just don't work anymore. You need to update your skill set to stay ahead of the competition. The problem is that most people wait until it's too late to make a change. FPG's Warrior Selling Program is the most complete sales training program in 90 days. Our immersive program will completely upgrade your skillset so you can start meeting today's challenges head-on. With our program, you'll be able to sell anything to anyone, anywhere. If you're looking to take your sales career to the next level, the 90-Day Warrior Selling Program is for you. For $5,000, this intensive 90-day course will teach you everything you need to know about making sales. FPG's Warrior Selling Program has a proven track record of success and has helped thousands of salespeople close more deals and make more money. The Warrior Selling Program is for you if you're serious about taking your sales career to the next level. Invest in yourself and your future today, and sign up now. You won't regret it. Learn More
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a personalized script guaranteed to increase your conversion rate and have a tailored selling process for your industry and your buyers?

    In this intense, dynamic, two-day sales bootcamp, learn the science behind the 5/4/3 Factor® and master the Warrior Selling Beliefs and Philosophy.


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